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"The Package"

    Kari was sitting alone in her house, the gentle rain outside tapping softly against the
windows of her room. She stretches her arms out and yawns loudly as she sets down the
controller for her Playstation. She hops out of her chair and goes to the bathroom to splash
some water on her face. Turning the faucet on she lets the water run a moment before
hearing a loud knock at the door.
    “Who could that be?” She mused, “I wasn’t expecting anyone.” She quickly walked to
the door and peeped out the hole to see the mailman standing there with a package in hand.
She opened the door to greet him. “Hello!” She chirped as the door swung open.
    “Package here for you.” The man says holding out the parcel. She takes it gingerly
and tucks it under her arm.
    “Thanks!” She says as he nods and walks away. She walks the package back up to
her room and looks at the label. “It’s from Violet? What did she send all this way?” Kari cut
the packaging tape and opened the flaps on the box to reveal a large amount of packaging,
and among the packaging and note and a small figurine of a donkey sitting in the box. The
note simply read, “Happy Braying, you ASS.” and was signed by her friend Violet.
Kari picked up the figurine to examine it and upon closer inspection she found it to
have her name engraved on the side. She looked at the tiny donkey in her hands and felt a
surge, like a spark hit her. She could feel a heat rising up inside her as she panted meekly.
    “What kind of weird gag gift...” She started to say but stopped as something inside her throat
felt odd. Almost like a cough, something wanted out. She tried to clear her throat but it didn’t
help. She wiped her brow of the sweat that was forming there, her noticeably thicker arm
hair matted with the wet stickiness.
    She felt a stiffness in her hand and lifted it up. Her eyes went wide as she saw her
middle finger was...growing! It was large and long, the nail thick and darkening. Her arm and
hand growing thick coarse hairs, brown like her hair. That feeling in her throat returned, she
tried to shake it off. She could feel her ears stretching like someone pulling on them steadily.
A strong itch spread over her, at a glance she could see more hair sprouting. “Oh… ugh,
whaaa…” She stopped, like choking back a sneeze.
    She could feel pressure on her back and doubled over, catching herself on a nearby
wall. She gazed at the ground shakily as she panted pathetically. “Ahh… uggh...Hurrr,
Ahhww.” She could feel it rising, that lump in her throat, that need, with a loud rip her pants
gave into her growing tail as she pushed her head forward and pulled her ears back, giving
into her first bray. “Haaa..Haawww HeeeeHAWWWWWW!” She bellowed out. She struggled
to keep her balance as her toes grew longer and more hoof like, with a wobble and a hold on
the wall she stayed standing as her tail grew longer, swishing and swaying behind her
swelling ass.
    “Why did… HAWWWW. Why did sheeEEEHAWWWWW.” Kari tried to understand
why this was a fate someone would wish on her. She could feel her stance widen as her legs
shifted more. An odd sensation befell her as her anus and pussy grew and pulled back and
high by her tail. The feeling was different, but it didn’t feel bad. The fabric of her jeans were
quickly giving way to her growing body as seam after seam tore until the clothing fell from
her now very equine legs and ass. She wobbled as she tried to step out the fabric but lost
her footing and fell to all fours, her hooves making a loud clop on the floor.
    She could feel her body shifting, gaining mass, her chest barreling out, putting strain
on her bra and shirt. She gritted her teeth and let out a whimpering bray until the straps of
her bra finally snapped. The ground grew further away as her neck began to stretch out,
growing thick and long. She felt her shoulder snap forward locking her into a life of walking
on all fours, muscles growing and shifting to make her new form easier. She flew into a panic
and started bucking and kicking. “Heeeellp meeeHAWWWW HeeeeeHAWWWWW
MEeeeeHAWWW!” She cried out, but no one could help her. The curse was too far along,
even if she could convince Violet to undo it, her fate was sealed. She sat on the ground in
this new unfamiliar body she possessed, leaning her neck down and poking the small
figurine that was the genesis of this mess with her muzzle.
    All she wanted to know was why, what has made Violet do such a thing? As she
pondered she felt a strange stirring in her, she felt warm again, but this time it was not
metamorphosis, but biology. The stirrings of heat, she would soon need a mate...

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Agent00Soul Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
Very visceral story!
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